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Sandy Tai is a wildly passionate feminist birth doula who is here to help you kick butt in your birth!

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Hi There!

When I was 7 years old I discovered my sister (22 years my senior) was expecting her first baby!                                                                       And my deepest yearning was to make my way from sunny queensland across the dessert to Darwin to witness this baby being born!               It turns out that mothers don’t generally allow their daughters travel solo interstate, to see babies be born so I didn’t get to go.                Boo.

However the deep yearning to attend births and to hold and witness women during one of the most transformational passages of their life has held strong!                                        

 I am now so extremely happy to call myself an international birth doula, educator and photographer based in Ballarat, Victoria.

 Somewhere in there I also trained as an actor, and taught dance and drama, and whilst it was an incredibly fun time in my life, it wasn’t my calling.                                                                                        Supporting women and capturing the true essence of your inner birthing warrior is exactly what sets my soul on fire!

As well as this I am raisin two wild Mighty Girls to be world shakers and change makers and I try to lead by example.

I am a passionate advocate for human rights & womens rights, especially in the birth space as well as destigmatising mental health through sharing my own stories about post natal depression.

Basically I want to change the world!

None of this would be possible without a chai latte in hand, Hogwarts to return to and gallows humour to lighten the mood.

The nitty gritty bits:

Want to know all of the professional learning, training and certification I have done?                                                                                        Here it is!

-DONA trained by CNN Hero Midwife Robin Lim & Debra Pascali-Bonaro (of Orgasmic Birth)

-Certified Hypnosis Birth Practitioner

-Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist

-Breastfeeding Support Certified

-Newborn Care Support Certified

-Natural Labour Comfort Technique Certified

-Trained in birth attendence locally in Australia and Indonesia

-Childbirth International Trained Childbirth Educator

I have extensive experience in attending every kind of birth you can think of: caesareans, VBACs, hospital births, home births, freebirths, natural births and medicated birth.

And I am here to help you ROCK your birth, however and wherever you choose to do it!


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