Ballarat Birthing Options

Along with the holiday seasons people start thinking about the new year and what they would like it to bring!

For lots of people they hope that is a baby! 

So now is the time of year that I get asked lots of questions about birthing options in Ballarat, Victoria.
So here is a handy post to (hopefully!) answer all of your questions!

So lets take a look at the birthing options and locations in Ballarat!

our four options are-

Ballarat base hospital
St. John of God
Home birth

Free birth

To have a birth at

Ballarat Base Hospital-
After confirming your pregnancy with your GP you will be referred to Ballarat Health Services and will commence prenatal care at the hospital. Depending on your and your baby's needs your appointments will be with midwives and obstetricians.
Come the day your birth you will be attended by those on call.
Labouring in water is possible however Ballarat Base Hospital do not "allow" water births.

St John Of God-
After confirming with your GP you are pregnant you can make a list of local obstetricians to call and interview. Remember to have a list of questions handy as their statistics can play a LARGE factor in how your birth may turn out. From there choose the one that best suits your needs and desires and commence prenatal care. On the day you birth they, or their back up/partner, will be there to attend you and the other women birthing that day.
Labouring in water is possible however St John of God do not "allow" waterbirths.

Make a list of your local midwives in private practise and do a ring around to see who you connect with and who is available around your Guess Date.
Finding local midwives can sometimes be tricky so have a look on MIPPS, join the 'Homebirth Group Australia'  on Facebook and give me a bell to see who is working and how to contact them.
From there interview each midwife and see who you feel most comfortable with. From there it's just a case of hiring that midwife and beginning prenatal care with her! She can order any tests that you and baby may want and need! And she will be there to help you catch your baby in water, on land, by the toiler- wherever and however feels comfortable.

I'm listing this option because I believe in women making educated decisions around birth and you can't do that without knowing ALL of your options!
How to have a Freebirth will be different for every single person.
Some women choose to have prenatals with their doctor or hospital and then birth at home unassisted. Other families may find that doing heir own prenatal care is best for them.
To have a free birth I believe you need to be prepared, dig deep and trust in yourself, your baby and your ability to birth!
To get the babies birth certificate you can apply to Births, Deaths and marriages directly or visit your doctor or hospital after baby has been born for them to do paperwork.
Remember- Free birth is completely LEGAL in Australia.

The best place to find your local doula is
Remember to interview them with your list of questions and check they align with your birth beliefs and are available around your Guess Date.

Last word- regardless of what you choose- whether that's an elective cesarean birth or a completely unassisted freebirth at home-
Go to independent childbirth education classes and know your stuff!
If you don't know all of your options then you don't have any.

As always shout out if you have any questions!

Much love,
Your Ballarat Doula,
Sandy xx