How to Hire a Doula - Your Step by Step Guide to Hiring a Professional Support Person

You know you want a great birth, and you know to get that you need to hire a doula.
But how do you hire a doula?

Here is your step by step guide to hiring your very own labour support person!

1. Do a search for Doulas in your local area is a great website that lists Doulas in Australia. You will find me and plenty of others on there.

2. Make a short list of those who stand out

Perhaps you are looking for a Doula who can also encapsulate your placenta or offers a particular kind of birthing technique. By knowing what youy are looking for, it will make it easier to spot those who fit what you want!

3. Interview your shortlist

Call your chosen Doulas and make a time to interview each of them with your Partner. This first meeting is generally free.

Make a list of questions to ask them all to help get a sense of who they are, their training and experience.

Who do you click with? Who do you feel comfortable with?

It's important to like and feel comfortable with your Doula so make sure she is the right fit for you and your family.

4. Hire your Doula!

Call your favorite Doula and ask her is she is available around your EDD.

All professional Doulas will then have a contract they work with.

Take a read of it. It will outline what your Doula can and cannot do and what is included in the package you have chosen. 

You will then sign two copies, one for you and one for your Doula.

5. Pay a Deposit

The cost of the deposit Depends on the Doulas fee, and the percentage that she requires for the deposit.

You can expect it to be so,where between 25% to 50% of the entire fee.

The entire fee is usually due by 38 weeks, depending on the agreement you have come to with your Doula.

6. Prenatal meetings

Depending on your package you will meet with your Doula between 1 and 4 times during your pregnancy. During these meetings you may discuss your fears, chat about medical and natural pain relief options, learn about breastfeeding and how your body and brain work during labour.

7. Birth

Your Doula will go on call for you for one whole month. During this time she is available to chat to 24/7 and will have made arrangements so she can be by your side as soon as you need her.

She will join you when you want her, and will stay until you have given birth.

8. Postnatal

Depending on the package you chose you may have 1/2 visits from your doula after you give birth. During these visits your Doula may help with breastfeeding and babycare, as well as discussing how you feel the birth went and how you are feeling.

And that's how you hire a Doula!

Have you got any questions about hiring me as your Doula?
Please comment and I can answer!

Love Sandy, your Ballarat Doula x