Placenta Encapsulation FAQ

Hayley Lennon Nourishing Mothers and Sandy Tai from Ballarat Birth Support come together to offer a brand new Placenta Encapsulation Package!

Placenta Encapsulation is one of the oldest and most powerful forms of medicine on the Earth..
Every placenta is treated with care and the highest level of hygiene and food safety.

Placenta Encapsulation FAQ

Thats so gross! Why would anyone want to consume their own placenta?
The benefit of Placenta Encapsulation include -
-Less postpartum depression
-Decrease in Baby Blues
-More Breastmilk
-Less hormonal craziness
- Fast return to pre baby body
- And much more!

But doesn't it taste and smell like meat?
Nope! Not at all! The capsules just look like any other multivitamin tablet etc.
And as far as taste goes- they don't have any taste at all! All of the placenta is encased in small capsules so there is nothing to taste!

But I'm vegan/vegetarian/gluten free/kosher/halal?
Vegetable capsules are used to encase the placenta powder.
They are made from hypromellose (HPMC) cellulose, derived from trees.
They are preservative free, allergen free, starch free, gluten free, Vegan, Kosher and Halal Certified.

Am I allowed to take my placenta home from the hospital?
Your placenta is yours as much as your Baby is yours!
Some hospitals may want you to sign a waiver, but thats ok.
Rarely a placenta will need to be taken to Toxicology to be examined and tested. If that is the case you can request that a small piece of the placenta is removed rather than taking the whole placenta.

Where do you service?
We service the Ballarat area and surrounds. Postage can also be arranged for those who live further away. Please call to find out more.

Do I need to tell my doctor?
Its best to both put your plans for your Placenta in your Birth Plan AND let your doctor and midwives know during pregnancy and upon hospital admission.

What if I had an epidural, painkillers or a Cesarean Birth?
Not to worry!
Drugs pass through the system quite quickly, and have a very short half-life. You can definitely still have your placenta encapsulated!
It is important to keep in mind that not a lot of research has been done on drugs in placenta use however.

How is it done?
Your placenta is processed using an ancient technique which includes washing the placenta before dehydrating and grinding the dried placenta into a fine powder.
The placenta powder is then very carefully placed into capsules before being delivered to you.

How long does it take?
The entire process takes approximately 24-48 hours, after which it is delivered to you asap.

How do I book and what happens from there?
To book you can either call or email me with your Guess Date and where you are birthing. We then send through information for you to read and sign.

What do I do when I go into labour?
When you go into labour you, your Doula or Partner contacts me via text message or email to let me. After that you focus on your birth and your baby. Once your placenta is born you ask the midwives and doctors to refrigerate or place your placenta in a bag/bucket and on ice.
Once both you and your baby are tucked up and cosy you or Partner/Doula contacts me.

How do I get the placenta to you?
We will pick the placenta up ASAP (Generally within 10 hours) and begin the process of encapsulating your placenta.
Once your capsules are ready we will contact you and arrange immediate delivery to you wether at home or hospital.

How do I take them?
Upon delivery of your capsules we provide you with information on how it is best to take them for your individual use.

Then what?
You take your capsules, snuggle your baby and enjoy motherhood!
If you have any questions or concerns regarding the capsules Hayley and Sandy are only a phone call away.

How do I book and what do I receive?
To book you can call Sandy on 0432 477 143 or Hayley on 0419 030 279.
After booking in you will be sent an information sheet that you can read over  to find out more about the encapsulation process.
Included in this packages is-

- Approximately 100-300 of capsules
- Placenta Print
- A Cord Keepsake
- A Placenta Reading
- Pick up and Delivery to local clients