What is a Mother Blessing & How do I Plan one?

Pregnancy is the perfect time to nourish and care for yourself, in all ways.

Often women have a babyshower sometime towards the end of their pregnancy, however Babyshowers tend to focus on the baby, and the pregnant mama who has done all this hard work doesn't receive a lot of encouragement and preparation to empower her to bring baby into the world.

A Blessingway, or Mother Blessing, is a gathering which changes that focus onto nourishing and preparing the pregnant woman for her new role as mother.

What happens at a Mother Blessing?

A Mother Blessing is often held by the pregnant woman or a close friend of hers.
Her close friends and family (generally women only) gather in a chosen place and love on the mama.
This is different for every different woman.

Some Mother Blessings include a necklace ceremony in which every guest is asked to bring a bead to include on a necklace which the pregnant mama will wear while birthing her baby, or have close by in labour. As each bead is placed on the necklace the woman who gave the bead says a wish or blessing for the mother.
"I place this bead upon your necklace to remind you that we are with you as you birth."
"I place this bead upon this pendant to bless you with a smooth transition to motherhood."

Another common tradition at a Mother Blessing is the telling of Birth Stories.

Women often only hear of horror stories during their pregnancies- “Oh you are trying for a XXXX kind of birth? That's what I wanted and XXXX happened! It was horrible!”

A Mother Blessing is abut preparing the woman to become a mother and to birth her baby. Positive stories, of all kinds, are shared to lift the woman up and to show her she has support, regardless of the kind of birth she has.

Belly Bump Henna is a beautiful piece of Mother Blessings! During this the mama-to-be may lay or sit back and have her close friend and family contribute to a beautiful piece of henna art on her belly, hands and feet.

Henna has been used for a long time in many cultures as it is believed to ensure a safe and healthy passage of birth for both mother and child.

Mother Blessings are such a powerful way to show, and receive, support during pregnancy. All too often, once the baby is born, the mother is left to the side as everyone coos over what she has created and birthed.

A Mother Blessing ensures that Mama goes into her birth and motherhood know she has her friends and family there to support and love her.


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