Hypnosis for Birth Bliss



Your Positive Birth Experience Begins Here

Are you ready to be prepared for your birth, to relax, breathe and kick butt?

Yes, all at the same time!


Learn how

  • To relax and let your body do all the work for you!                     (Did you know your body can push by itself! I'll show you how!)
  • Have your partner be the most helpful they can be. Through gentle reminders and blissful massage, your partner will learn how to be there for you 100%
  • To reduce your chances of tearing or needing an episiotomy
  • You can comfortably breathe through contractions- Learn my tricks!
  • To ensure smooth sailing with breastfeeding
  • And so much more


Private Hypnosis for Birth Classes

I offer Private Hypnosis for Birth sessions for pregnant people and their support people to prepare their bodies and minds for kicking arse in birth

Your investment includes private, relaxing sessions that take place in the comfort of your own home:

There are four sessions and all of them are tailored to meet your personal needs in order to shape your childbirth education to be as effective and helpful as possible to create the labour and birth outcomes you desire

During these sessions we address and absolve fears and negative beliefs about birth, some that may have been with you since you were a little child, due to our current cultural perceptions around birth. We will plant positive and trusting seeds about birth and go through a large number of ways your partner can help physically and emotionally support you during pregnancy, labour and birth

As part of this birth preparation, you also get access to an extensive lending library which houses a large variety of books and DVDs as well as your own CDs to keep and listen to as you prepare to roar (or breathe!)  that baby earthside


Hypnosis for Birth for Groups

Hypnosis for Birth includes the same as hypnobirthing for couples, but in a group setting.

As above, the group sessions include four appointments, personalised to the group members, plus all resources.

These group sessions are only held twice a year, please register your interest HERE.