Exceeded Expectations!

"Hypnosis for Birth class from Ballarat Birth Support

The Hypno birth class run by Sandy at Ballarat Birth Support is a very informative experience. Even though I am pregnant with my third child I felt that I still had a lot to learn in order to have my dream birth- a calm experience to welcome my baby into the world with plenty of opportunity to bond.

The group class that I attended was carried out over 2 consecutive Sunday afternoons, it was an intimate gathering of just my partner and I, two other couples and Sandy. I found it helpful to spread the class over 2 days so that I could really take in all the information and return with any new questions that I had. I found the deep relaxation techniques very straight-forward and easy to do, even somebody without any prior experience would be able to do the simple visualisation techniques and listen to the CD provided. The key is setting aside time to do it every day to fully prepare your body and mind for the birth. I even used the same technique to get through a painful tooth ache one night without any other pain relief! 

 Sandy’s class exceeded my expectations, as well as techniques for coping with pain I was also educated about birth in many other ways. I now have a thorough understanding of the hormones that control birth work, what they are and what they do. I understand exactly how my uterus works and how I can use it optimally during my birth. After years of reading childbirth education books that just gave me more questions than answers I finally feel that I have a true understanding of how my body works during pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period.

The class also includes many opportunities for the birthing couple to prepare together, ideal for helping a birth partner understand the best ways to support the Mother during labour. The scripts provided are a great tool to bond together while preparing for birth. My birth partner did not feel comfortable with some of the exercises but Sandy didn’t pressure him, her non-judgemental view allowed us to proceed with the rest of the first class.

I am really looking forward to my birth, I feel more prepared this time now that I understand every aspect of how my birthing body works and I have been listening to the CD and continuing with the deep relaxation techniques regularly. I recommend the Hypnosis for Birth class for anyone expecting a baby, whether it’s your first or your tenth. The techniques could be used in a home birth or in a hospital, by yourself or with the help of a birth partner and/or doula. So much was covered in the class it is difficult to mention it all but I really feel that the class is a must. I wish it had been around when I was expecting my first baby."

- Gemma and Baby Evie, Public Hospital Birth