Magical, Transformative Adventure

“I cannot recommend Sandy Tai highly enough. The support, love and empathy that she provided to myself and my family during the recent birth of our daughter  was exceptional. It is my opinion that Sandy is a doula par excellence...

She is patient, caring, compassionate, kind, honest, dependable and wise. Her knowledge around birth is extensive and impressive but it's not just theoretical learning that Sandy brings - she has a deeper, soulful connection to the process and that makes her work as a doula more of an art and less like a job. She is intuitive and instinctive, as if this is work that she has done in her previous lives - she can read and interpret a situation on a level much deeper than most. She is at ease holding a bucket to catch bodily fluids and moments later gently offering her shoulders as a bracing point while the birthing Mother embraces another surge. Sandy is so much stronger than her petite stature would have you believe - she will prop you up when you cannot walk and let you (almost) crush her fingers whilst your baby crowns. She will share with you in the joy and delight as you finally meet your babe and support you in the hours, days or weeks ahead in whatever way suits you best.

Birth can such a wonderful, life changing event - I urge you to set yourself up for the best possible experience and book Sandy to support you through your upcoming birth. It will be the best investment you make in such a magical and transformative adventure...!”

- Tara and Baby Malin, Homebirth